Saturday, August 30, 2014

Myth and Objects

I saw the birth of a crowning baby peeking crying and ashamed dressed in amniotic fluid and pieces of motherly flesh!

I saw the limbs of mountains break loose and tumble endlessly crashing into its brother’s floor!

I saw funnel clouds crowd the horizon like stampeding horses ridden upon by devils wielding lightning and thunder!

I saw soldiers crying into the desert moon for heavenly intervention to break their contractual ideals to Patriot and War!

I saw young men divided amongst a path of slavery and monotony!

I saw good men die and evil men live and I stopped to ask: What does it mean?

For if an evil man can lift his heavy head into this world and with his hands manipulate the mud of men,
         then how good is the good man’s word?

And if meaninglessness shrouds existence and soul and man is nothing but myth and object,
         then who writes the laws of nature?

If not God, then surely men and if men take place in the throne of God endlessly sifting through blood and pride and power, then let it be known that the Book of Man be cheap and weakly bound.

Knowledge is aflame in barrels full of shirts and shoes.

Who dares question science?

                Is your mind fact or fiction?

Or is it easier to listen to the television?

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